This has been a year of growth, success and hope in many ways. Our industry is prospering. Vincotech and our customers are striving towards a sustainable world. Much of what we did in 2022 moved us closer to that destination, and the journey will continue in 2023.

We are lucky to have the best of partners. Guided by the spirit of cooperation, we have jointly faced the challenges of this exceptionally dynamic industry. Our partners value VIN as an enabler of their technological and economical growth. The lifting of COVID-related restrictions for most of our employees and customers is another reason to feel grateful.

There is no denying the problems we encounter – indeed, some may see season’s greetings from VIN as a reminder of the supply-and-demand challenges that are a fact of business life these days. But let us rise to those challenges with the enterprising, collaborative spirit and robust optimism we so value in you, our partners.

May your holidays be filled with joy; may 2023 be happy, healthy and bright with promise.

Eckart Seitter
Edoardo Guiotto
VP Sales & Marketing

It is a holiday tradition at Vincotech to support a worthy cause

This year, €15,000 will go, in your name and ours, to a Plan International project supporting girls, boys, young people and their families from Ukraine. The donation will be directed to relief assistance, child protection, mental health and psychosocial support, cash and voucher, education and advocacy programs.