Motion Control Solutions

  • Standard industrial housings
  • Latest chipset generation
  • Superior thermal performance
flow E1
flow E2
flow E3

Key Features

  • Fully compatible housing
  • Same PCB specifications for Press-Fit and Solder pins products
  • Wide portfolio covering the industrial topologies (SixPack, PIM)

Key Housing Features

  • 12 mm, low-inductive standard industrial package
  • Pre-bent DCB for excellent thermal contact to heat sink
  • CTI 600 housing material
  • Press-fit pins with stress-relieved zone
  • Optional phase-change material

Application Benefits

  • Simple and cost-effective Solutions for industry applications
  • Increased power density

flow E1 and flow E2

  • High power density in a smaller packages or more power from the same housing
  • Lower system costs

Our product roadmap provides greater supply chain security with multi-source chipset possibilities. It is the Vincotech answer to the customer that demands a more reliable supply chain.


Vincotech 1200 V flow E1 and flow E2 Product Roadmap


flow E1
flow E2
flow E1
flow E2



flowPIM E1 and flowPIM E2



flowPACK E1 and flowPACK E2

flowPACK E1 with Tandem Diodes

Available for 25 A/ 1200 V

Introducing the New flow E3

  • The new baseplate-less package flow E3
  • VINcoPress technology
  • Advanced die-attach technology
  • Standard industrial housing
flow E3

flow E3 PIM 1200 V and 100 A

Key Product Features

  • Mitsubishi Gen 7th chipset
  • Integrated solution: PIM = Rectifier + Brake + Inverter

Product Benefits

  • Cost effective industrial motor drives solution



VINcoPress brings Lower Thermal Impedance

Key Features

  • Direct Pressed Substrate Technology -- VINcoPress
  • Homogeneous pressure and Rth value distribution / Rugged and reliable heat sink assembly

Key Benefits

  • Increased power density
  • High reliability
  • Superior thermal performance

Empowering Motor Drives Solutions

The Mitsubishi 7th Generation Chipset - IGBT M7

IGBT M7 is faster and with lower switching losses than IGBT 7, taking as a reference the same gate driver parameters and operation point (voltage, current and temperature).


Test Conditions: Energies = f(ic)
RGoff = 3.3 Ω, RGon = 3.3 Ω, Vce = 600 V, VGE = ± 15 V

Motion Control Applications

  • General requirement for dv/dt lower than 5 V/ns
  • Considering similar EMC specifications (5 V/ns), the gate resistor should be updated hence IGBTM7 has comparable losses than IGBT 7