Renewable power is the key to a cleaner future, and solar energy is leading the way.

  • Renewable energy provides almost 25% of the global power demand.
  • Solar power generating capacity grew 48% of all new power installations during 2019-2020.
  • Over 700 GW of solar power has been deployed globally, with more than 100 GW being installed during 2020.
  • The majority of power installations has been in utility-scale system (>100kW), but increasingly the consumer market has seen significant growth.

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Making the right design choices is critical to a product’s success in the market. Designers of solar inverters face a multidimensional challenge to ensure solar power continues to meet the growing demand for clean energy. Vincotech offers unique opportunities for system optimization in terms of efficiency, weight, cost and reliability.

  • Fully optimized and tailor-made solutions for 1500 V systems with a broad range of power modules for consumer, commercial and utility market.
  • Latest topologies, including NPC, ANPC, MNPC, Flying Capacitor, H6.5, etc, provide significant efficiency improvements, module and system level cost savings, and system weight reduction
  • Easy-to-design <10kW consumer systems
  • High density three-phase integrated solutions for small commercial systems
  • Component supplier independent for secure supply chain
  • Advanced die-attach for increased reliability
  • One of the broadest range of housings available
  • 25+ years’ experience in Power Modules


Consumer/residential applications with single-phase inverters up to 7-10 kVA.

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Large residential communities, remote localities, commercial installations with three-phase inverters from 10-100 kW.

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Solar energy systems that can handle 1,000+ VDC.

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Product Portfolio

Segment 1000V Package Topology Chip Voltage Current 5 kW 10 kW 15 kW
Commercial flow3xMNPC 1 MNPC 1200V 15/25/40A
<30 kW  flow3xNPC 1 NPC 650V 15/30/50A
Product concept
Ongoing R&D project
Serial status
Segment 1000V Package Topology Chip Voltage Current 50 kW 100 kW 150 kW
Commercial flowMNPC 0 MNPC 1200V 40/80/100A
<100 kW flowMNPC 1 1200V 80/160A
>100 kW flowNPC 0 NPC 650V 50/75/100A
flowNPC 1 650V 100/150/200A
flowNPC 2 650V 200/300A
flowFC 0 FC 650V 75/100A
flowFC 1 650V 150/200A
Product concept
Ongoing R&D project
Serial status
Segment 1500V Package Topology Chip Voltage Current 100 kW 150 kW 200 kW
>100kW flowNPC S3 NPC 950V 200/300A
flowANPC 1 split ANPC 1200V SiC MOSFET 150A
flowANPC S3 1200V SiC MOSFET 200A
flowFC S3 3-level FC 950V 200/300A
flowFC S3 4-level FC 650V 225A
Product concept
Ongoing R&D project
Serial status