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AC/DC Product Portfolio

The front end three-phase PFC might be implemented in multiple topologies. Mainly it can be distinguished between two-level and three-level which will influence the design and the blocking voltage rating of the semiconductors. Three-level topologies are an appealing solution for engineers seeking high efficiency at low costs. An overview about existing common three-level PFC topologies can bee seen in the below graph.

Figure 1. Common three-level PFC topologies

Costs and efficiency have been benchmarked to illuminate the topologies' strengths and weaknesses. Another focus has been put on the comparison between Si and SiC diode

  • NPFC is outperforming in terms of efficiency, but has also the highest cost because of the 1200 V components.
  • SPFC and ANPFC topologies' efficiencies are nearly the same, given the same component technologies. However, ANPFC requires just one gate-driver which reduces the overall system’s cost, showing the best trade-off between performance and costs.

Vincotech Products for Three-level PFC Topologies

With the flowPFC, flowNPFC and flowANPFC, Vincotech offers a comprehensive product portfolio for three-level PFC topologies, featuring:

  • Fast IGBT chip technology for high speed switching and high efficiency
  • With fast recovery diodes or SiC Schottky body diodes
  • Integrated DC capacitor
  • Temperature sensor
Housing ANPFC / 3xANPFC NPFC / 3xNPFC SPFC Application Power*
flow 0 Show products Show products Show products Up to 22 kW
flow 1 Show products Show products - Up to 43 kW
flow 2 Show products - - Up to 25 kW

* Estimation based on a typical charger operation point

Vincotech Products for Two-level PFC Topologies

With the flowPACK SiC and flowDUAL SiC, Vincotech offers a broad product portfolio for two-level PFC topologies, featuring:

  • SiC-MOSFET technology for high speed switching and high efficiency
  • Kelvin Emitter for improved switching performance
  • High power low inductive package
  • Temperature sensor
Topology flow 0 flow E1 flow E2 Voltage
Sixpack Show products Show products - 900 V - 1200 V
Half-bridge - Show products Show products 1200 V