Thank you for stopping by the Vincotech booth!

After years of not meeting each other face-to-face, the halls were buzzing with excitement!

We hope you enjoyed our showcase of solar, UPS, motion control and EV charger applications. We were proud to present especially the newest highlights - flow E3 housings, VINcoPress and Current Synthesizing PFC (CSPFC) topology. And with VINcoSIM, the simulation tool, you had a chance to match a power module to fit your application right there at our booth.

Hopefully you tried out our Virtual Reality activity and faced your fears high up. It was fun and scary at the same time, wasn’t it! With your help we were able to raise € 15,000 for Plan International and the donation will go to a project helping children in Ukraine - details below!

We are looking forward to seeing you again in this year’s meetings and events. At PCIM 2023 at the latest!


A total of 253 people tried out our Virtual Reality activity and faced their fears high up!

The challenge was to walk the plank high up at the edge of the skyscraper - and 215 of those were brave enough to make a jump to the ground!

At the end of the expo the total sum for the donation was rounded up to €15.000!



The donation goes to our long-term partner Plan International which guides the money to a project in Ukraine for helping the most vulnerable and innocent victims of the war, the children.


Learn more about Plan's current activities in Poland, Moldavia und Romania:

Impressions from our booth


Our highlights at PCIM 2022

Modules that support various state-of-the-art topologies used in each of the two power stages
Motion Control
Products for applications, especially AN-PFC and CS-PFC new! topologies
Complete modular power supply solutions
VINcoPress (direct-pressed substrate) new!, Advanced die-attach technologies new!, flow S3 and flow E3 lines new!

Showcasing our latest innovations:

  • Make your designs with the web-based VINcoSIM simulation environment at the show
    Get your own access here
  • For Motion control applications: Current Synthesizing PFC (CSPFC) topology new!
  • Engineered for superior thermal performance: VINcoPress (direct-pressed substrate) new!
    Learn more
  • For longer lifetime and better reliability at high operation temperatures: Advanced die-attach technologies new!
    Learn more
  • New housings enhancing Vincotech’s line of baseplate-less, 12-mm, low-inductive power modules: flow S3 and flow E3 lines new!
    Visit our Motion Control Solutions site

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